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quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

Twin FlamES (Chamas GEMEAS)

Twin Flames Are the Face and Form of God's Love, Entraining the World Back to Love and Sending Forth Electrons Filled with Light
Twin Flames -- the light of a thousand stars shines within the two of you, and the golden winds of Christ Consciousness flow forever through your being. Together, a glory of Love that can only be the very creation of life itself, you as Twin Flames become the embodiment of Love.

How can I tell you who you are? How can I show you that you are the face of Love? You are the form of Love. You are Love knowing itself, at last.

Oh, beloved ones, into your hands I place the cosmic key. The key that opens every being to the knowledge of its perfection in Me. Do you know what this key is? It is recognition by you, the Twin Flames, Hearts of God.

Now if that sentence did not stop you in your tracks, then I ask you to go back and read it again. Do you remember how I explained to you that here on Earth you were given dominion, and that dominion meant that you (as SoulMates couples) were to name all that you found here? And you have, though not always in alignment with your deeper truth. Beloved ones, this same is true for Creation itself.
You are the embodiment of the Love that I Am. The expression of Myself as the Love I discovered, the desire to give Love forever. You are My very heart; My own Love in expression. So, in truth, dear ones, all of Creation is meant to look into your eyes to know My heart, to feel the embodied touch of My hands, to be, literally, wrapped in My Love! You are to show forth the truth of Love, to manifest My heart in living embodiment that it may be accessible to all created life.

This does not mean that every other life isn't Love, or divine, for of course it is. What it does mean is that absolutely everything is meant to see its truth reflected in you. You are the very source of manifested Love. Unconditional Love. True positive regard. You, the Twin Flames.

Well, obviously I am not speaking of you as human beings, right? For if you, humankind, in your present state are the representatives of My heart.well, as you say, this is not a good thing! If every life form were to look to you now to see how My heart perceived them, they would come away pretty deflated, wouldn't they? Yet I am telling you the truth about your being and who and what the two of you are together.

Why am I showing you this? Because I want you to surrender to Love as the truth of your being, in complete trust. I want you to know that fully present all around you is the glory of your real selves, your true nature. And that if you allow the surrender to your greater truth, your reality will shift exponentially.

How do you surrender to this greater truth? By surrendering to Love for each other. To allow the dam to open, to allow the great flow of Love that I continually give you to pour through you to your beloved without any interference from you. But more than this - to allow yourself to experience this Love moment-to-moment. Allow yourself to be deliciously surprised. Be ready for the new revelation of who your Twin Flame truly is, because you will be seeing them as I see them.

Allow ourselves to perceive through your heart!

Dear ones, each and every Twin Flame couple will truly bring the Moment of Creation back to Earth. You shall be such a great manifestation of Love that, in your presence, time shall cease. All will be held in Holy Communion. The pendulum of cause and effect comes to rest. Because Twin Flames are My heart and shall thus entrain all in their presence to Love.

Yet before you do this, you must become this for each other. You must come fully into the place of the heart together. Oh, beloved ones, as you do this, the entirety of spiritual life, of the light of living Love, can then pour through you. You become the opening in this world for all the living flowing Love that comes forth again and again. Your joined heart is the very place where the vertical arm of the cross of Creation is connected to life on Earth. You do not yet know what this means. Suffice it to say, it is important.

What does this mean in your lives? It means that you continue on as you are with the Love pouring in and that it be your continual goal to give yourselves over to Me more and more. To loosen the perceptions of the mind and to be valiant explorers of the realms of the Eternal heart. It means that you begin to perceive through your joined heart the energies of Creation that you hold. That you allow new perceptions, wait for them, be willing to entertain new possibilities, allowing what might seem to be fancy, wishful thinking, or imagination. Because I can promise you it only seems this way because your mind has been very diligent about keeping you away from such ways of seeing so it could maintain its control.

Oh, beloved ones, how I love you! How carefully you have each been tended by the angels in your togetherness. You haven't understood how beautiful it is, how close Twin Flames can be, how real the living fire of Love is that is that of which you are made.

Surrender to the river of Love pouring through you to each other and watch what it shows you about each other. It will be easy then to live in the deep reverence that is your right relationship to the Twin, the other half of your Great Heart Self. And, dear ones, as you waken to this Love, I promise you that all of your greater selves will become available to you. You will begin to make Love on every single level on which you exist.

You will feel Love pouring through you to each other every moment. And all the things I have given you about Sacred Sexuality will become your experience. You do not need to understand it with your mind. You need only to experience it through your heart. It is happening right now with the two of you in your greater beings, in the true reality, the Original Creation.

I return you to remembrance of the truth of LoveMaking -- that it is your joining with the very forces of Creation within Me, and stepping down that great explosion. You are the conductors of the ecstasy of living Love here, to Earth. As ecstasy pours through you at your joining (which can be physical/heart/consciousness or simply heart/consciousness), you are revitalizing life on Earth. Just as negative ions are released when warm air and cold air come together and create a thunderstorm, just so do Twin Flames coming together, the plus and minus charges, release newly-filled electrons of light! And just as negative ions clear the atmosphere, charge it with life force and thus refresh those physically present, so exactly do charged electrons clear the atmosphere of consciousness, charge it with Living Love (life force) and refresh and realign all conscious beings on every level on which you exist.

This is one part of the pumping of My heart (which is you, of course, My beloved Twin Flame cells).

So you will now learn to become the living river as you come together with each other. The living river that comes forth directly from Me created each moment as I Am making Love. Each day, feel the cleansing life force coming forth from your union, coming to you and through you from Me in orgasmic or ecstatic waves, rushing through you to join with each other. Know that as your rivers meet, then you two create a new explosion of Love, creating even more filled-up and charged-up cups of light that go forth as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to flow through another set of Twin Flames who are ready to accept it. Pour this new Love, these new streams forth. They will come together in union in your SoulMate heart as Twin Flame hearts themselves, on another level or vibration or dimension, depending on your consciousness as you Make Love. These hearts will then be ready to deliver the two streams of Love from themselves, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Thus is life ever nourished in a continually expanding circle extending out from you on every level.

All of this will become clearer and clearer as you grow in this Love. At this time, these energies are just barely able to find a resonance in your consciousness and, thus, in your lives, in your time together. But this will change very rapidly as you place your attention on LoveMaking, union, ecstasy, and the truth of your Love above all else. You can do this whether you are with your SoulMate in the physical or in the etheric. You can do this through your heart. Your focus on this union will magnetize everything else in your life into harmony with your highest Love, your greatest consciousness, your continual decision to choose your joined heart as your focus.

Those who follow this path of Love, you are at last approaching your position - the position from which to entrain the world back to Love. Everything else, all expressions of yourselves really will flow forth from this in harmony. You will shine forth this new life force (living Love) on every single level of Creation.

Dear ones, all who come together with their other half will find such a multi-dimensional expression of creativity that all will be amazed that so much can get done in so little time. The reason it will is your Twin Flame heart, open, allows the full expression of you as Love Now. In other words, this opening, your hearts, is not in time. It is rather in the flow of Love, or in the heart of God. This means, dear ones, that everything you are is simply made manifest Now. A great explosion of Love. Brought forth in one great orgasmic wave of Living Love.

You can picture it as the "hearts" as symbols of Love, building up, building up (or charging up) until the explosion/orgasm/creation occurs, at which time they pour forth as every possible expression of who you are as a unique and glorious cell in My heart. This is multi-dimensionality. It is the universal expression of Love in every form. In other words, however humankind chooses to perceive it now, all creativity, all creation of anything and everything is done in exactly this manner. A buildup of Love from a connection of Me to life, the heart, their truth, and then the urge to create something Now.

And just so do Twin Flames express, even when there is no consciousness yet, on this level, that the creativity is born of the union with the Twin Flame. Often it is happening on what you would call a higher vibration and the creative person who is living as a human being, just simply must pick up the paintbrush or start on the sculpture, etc. And of course, Love going forth from the SoulMate heart can and often does go forth directly on the level of Love, thus causing a creative burst of loving rather than a physical expression. Rather than an urge to paint, an urge to give to others. Yet again, what is given forth is on all levels (is multi-dimensional) and is actually the result of somehow opening on some level to the Now Moment and the Twin Flame union occurring.

Love is sacred -- on all levels, beloveds. This is the reason We must bring the remembrance of the heart forth to others, to the world, beloved ones. And this is why the shift is the movement into Love that comes forth through the heart. The ego has been useful, but has served its purpose: showing you that you can retain your true relationship as the consciousness of Love aware of itself. That the two of you can show each other Love. And then, together, can express is as the world as Love and Only Love, expressed in every form, alive in every molecule, the one and only truth: I Am Love Forever. Say these words, beloved ones, for they are you as well as Me. They are us, as One great whole, and yet as streams of Living Love ever able to give forth to each other!

I Am here, in ever-greater fullness, as you continue to Say Yes to Love.


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