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segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Chama Gémeas Muitas Respostas

Finalmente, muitas das respostas, às questões que sabia mas...nunca tinha ouvido falar, ou lido algo do género, agora, quando já tenho as minhas certezas, chegam-me as confirmações finais... a história do núcleo, das energias iguais, da repulsão e atracção... enfim, aqui estão muitas das respostas.

"...This Age Brings Forth The ReUnion Of The Twin Flames In Order To Restore The Unity Of God's Creations And Collapse Duality
The information presented here is from the perspective of our reality and experiences in the process of Fusion of the Twin Flame ... and it is not intended to qualify nor disqualify the experiences of others.
The Union of the Twin Flame is one of service ... which is not to be romanticized in the context by which one perceives the male and female relationship. The service of the Twin Flame is not only Planetary but also Cosmic and Universal.
The Twin Flame has a great challenge before them ... for their Union needs to accomplish total surrender of their individuality to their One Essence.
1. One Essence

The Twin Flame originates from the same One Essence which was created by Father/Mother God from the Ocean of Love. That One Essence divided itself into two exactly equal and opposite intonations in order to experience form. In the beginning they remained always united as a perfect sphere with one center of gravity and one common equator or Zero Point ... and functioned as a non-dualistic Trinitized Extension and Expression of the God Source of All. However, as the three-dimensional experience unfolded they became separated in a dualistic system which pulled them into an unbalanced equilibrium expressing itself through two extended and separated forms. The Twin Flames are now coming back into unification through all dimensional frequencies in order to restore the Unity of God's Creations and collapse duality. Accordingly, there exists only ONE true tonal mate of the Twin Flame which is expressed in a male and female form ... the exact equal and opposite frequency intonation.
It is important to make the distinction between a Twin Flame and a soulmate. There exists only one pair of partners who are Twin Flames which is not a disposable union ... for the Essence of it can never truly be replaced with another mate. Contrarily, soulmates come in many different forms and different intonations ... for a soulmate is anyone with whom you have had a past life experience.
We are often asked if the Twin Flame exists in a male to male or a female to female relationship. In our reality the answer to the question is ... No! A same sex relationship does not fulfil the fundamental premise of the Twin Flame as an exact equal and opposite intonation. Some persons may wish to argue that point ... and each one is entitled to their own reality.
2. Tonal Mates
We recently came across a very unique manner in which to explain or illustrate the concept of the Twin Flame.
In the book, "The Universal One", by Walter Russell he explains the principle of tonal mates in terms of chemical reactions.
Accordingly, it is stated ... that if we create a chemical union between the male action sodium (Na) which has an intonation of 601+ of the sixth octave ... and the female selenium (Se) which has an intonation of 702- of the next octave ... we have an unequal and unstable union of opposites.
Now, if either mate in an unequal and unstable union finds a more equal tonal mate it will leave the former and go to the latter.
Accordingly, the introduction of the female chemical iodine (I) which has an intonation of 801- of the eighth octave ... will cause sodium to leave selenium and combine with the iodine to form the more stable compound of sodium-iodide (NaI).
However, if we introduce into this new union the female chemical bromide (Br) which has an intonation of 701- of the seventh octave ... the sodium will leave iodine to form sodium-bromide (NaBr) ... an even more stable compound.
Finally, by the introduction of the female chlorine (Cl) which is the true tonal mate of sodium with an intonation of 601- of the sixth octave ... sodium will leave bromide to form the very stable compound sodium-chloride (NaCl).
Once the true tonal mates have come into union ... NO element from any octave whatsoever can displace chlorine from its union with sodium.
As the Twin Flame are true tonal mates originating from the same One Essence ... they are Divinely United by the Breath of God. Thus, we may have a new understanding to the words:
That Which God Has Joined TogetherLet No Man Put Asunder
Chemically, every element is both alkaline and acid but it is predominantly one or the other. The alkaline male actions of sodium when united with the equal and opposite acid female reaction ... are neutralized and in equilibrium. They become salts.
Accordingly, the union of the exact equal and opposite frequency intonation of the Twin Flame in a momentum of non-resistance ... is the bringing together of the Harmonic Note in the Symphony of Creation ... which creates an Trinitized Equilibrium of a Third Force or Overtone which automatically creates a Unified Field of No-Time.
3. Service
Many people idealize and romanticize the concept of the Twin Flame ... however, the Union of the Twin Flame is carefully orchestrated by the Divine Mind ... for the bringing together of the Harmonic Overtones has a direct and exponential frequency impact through all dimensions and planes of this local Universe.
Do not expect candlelight dinners and bouquets of roses in this union ... that is not its purpose. This is a union which transcends all definitions of male/female unions on this planet. The Divine purpose for the union of the Twin Flame is to create the Harmonic Intonation of Completion and to be at service ... planetary service, cosmic service and universal service. Thus, personal preferences, relationships and perceived obligations may be thrust aside so that absolute service to the Divine Plan becomes the ONLY reality of the Twin Flame. When we take the Twin Flame beyond the human perception ... we see the potential of a tremendous force of Divine Action.
Are You Prepared To Serve?
4. Inner Completion
Only at the point of inner completion is it appropriate to bring together the Twin Flame. When you have reached a state of wholeness within ... you will begin to magnify your Divine Tonal Complement or Twin Flame. Thus, when you no longer feel a need for a partner ... he/she will appear.
We strongly suggest that one not jump out of a current relationship and immediately attempt a Twin Flame Union. The energetic link of the former relationship needs to be dismantled and all inharmonious frequencies associated with it need to come into equilibrium. Thereafter, a time-frame for frequency alignment of the Twin Flame needs to be a consideration. You do not want to bring old baggage into this union ... Why?
This is very important ... because when the Twin Flame comes together ... Everything is Amplified!
5. Amplification
Everything is amplified due to the Unified Field of No-Time which automatically accesses Higher Dimensional Frequencies. That which is harmonious is amplified AND that which is inharmonious is amplified. If you have not achieved Inner Fusion in Equilibrium ... everything may be blown out of proportion. Little irritants may become gigantic obstacles.
Because of this amplification ... the Twin Flame may not be able to stabilize the Union ... unless they have first achieved Inner Fusion. Even at such a point ... it is a continual challenge to remain in equilibrium as the frequency octaves increase.
When you enter a Twin Flame relationship ... the ability for the consciousness to move multi-dimensionally is common place and it must be recognized that you are not here to reenact human relationships but to act as a bridge to the Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Oneness.
Thus, both partners must be in absolute realization of the fact that either one may be drawn multi-dimensionally at any time ... and avoid human emotional reactions. If your words seem to go unheard or unresponded to by your partner ... you need to recognize that service of the Divine Plan is all encompassing and it does not necessarily need to respond to insignificant expressions of the human mind. Because the Twin Flame is in a continual Unified Field of No-Time ... they are being used by the Divine Mind to anchor frequency codes into this dimension. Remember, it is through and by the Unified Field of No-Time that the encoding and decoding can take place.
You must be willing to let go immediately of inharmonious emotional reactions. Do not try to fit the Twin Flame relationship into a human context of interaction ... for it does not belong there.
If you need to get angry with your partner ... so be it ... it is just an illusion ... your identity is being challenged! However, it does not serve to remain in anger for more than five minutes ... Let go! ... It is an illusion. Do not let the mind and altered ego rationalize and justify such reactions. Remember, we are dealing with tremendous amplification here ... so seek equilibrium at all times.
6. One Identity
The Twin Flame relationship is an Androgynous relationship. This requires an adaptation in identification. You may not feel female and you may not feel male ... so What Am I?
As each one has completed their Inner Fusion ... there is an absence of polarity within the relationship. One is not a man and one is not a woman ... they are simply ONE! One Consciousness ... One Essence ... in the Process of Fusion!
Since both originate from the same Essence ... who is who?
This becomes the challenge of the Twin Flame ... the struggle for personal identification within the Union ... which no longer exists. If I Am you and you are I ... then who Am I?
The very nucleus of the cells of the two embodiments of the Twin Flame are fused together. They have realigned into their original sphere with one center of gravity and one common equator or Zero Point. And like the example of the union of sodium and chlorine ... they have lost their metallic qualities and become the "salt of the earth". Now, how do you identify yourself as two separate beings. You do not! You can not! However, you can certainly choose to struggle for personal identification as long as you want ... but it will get you no where.
What the Twin Flame needs to bring forth is the complementarity within the Oneness. Allowing each one to demonstrate their ability without personal identification to the results. Without claiming the results as one's own ...
Because Nothing Is Truly AccomplishedOutside Of The Harmonic NoteWhich Is Your One Essence!
7. Complimentary
So, when we state that the Twin Flame is One Essence ... does this mean that they are exactly the same? Do they have the same Divine Attributes and abilities? ... Do they have the same strengths and weaknesses? ... Do they have the same likes and dislikes? THE ANSWER IS ... YES and NO!
They Are Complimentary!The Exact Equal & Opposite IntonationThe Union of Which Makes ...One Harmonic Overtone!
The similarity is in the Harmonic Note ... and the difference is in the Opposite Intonation.
So what you will probably find is that each one carries the opposite or complimentary Divine Attributes within the Whole. Therefore, it is not to try to be what the other is ... but to allow the full expression of each one's Divine Attributes within the Union. My partner loves to cook ... I can assure you I let him do the cooking without interference. Now, the dishes are another story!
My partner brings information through in a vertical manner ... direct from the Source ... which is not necessarily sequential. I, on the other hand, have the ability to sort it all out in a horizontal manner to make it flow so that you can understand it ... which is complementary!
Thus, each one carries the complementary frequency of the Harmonic Note. Each one brings the complementary training and talents to support the Union and Divine Mission. Together ... they create a Unified Field of No-Time which allows it all to take place. Together they can accomplish more than they could as two separate beings. Together they multiply their powers exponentially.
There is no mistake ... the Twin Flame would not be brought together unless they had the absolute ability to complete their Mission of transcending the male and female dualities of this planetary system and bringing together the Harmonic Note of Completion. Thus, it is no longer necessary to play the purported designated roles of society ... but to fine tune the Harmonic Note of Completion through and by the Dimensional Frequencies.
8. Parallel Evolution
When the Twin Flame does unite and they begin to compare their lives ... do not be surprised at the similarity and complementarity of their evolution.
When I met my partner and we began to compare ... we found that within one to three months of each other we were enacting similar experiences. Following our Inner Guidance ... we twice moved our residences at the same time and in the same manner ... we were instructed to get rid of our furniture and detach ... we were instructed to end relationships ... and before meeting physically we experienced Fusion of Our Essence in the Higher Dimensional Embodiments.
The closer you come to Union the closer the time-frame of the parallel experiences. Remember, you are One Essence being guided by the same Source.
It does not matter where you are or what your lifestyle is ... if one is in reclusion and one is on public display ... when it is time for your Union it will happen. You do not have to go out and look for it. You do not have to wonder if every person you pass on the street is your Twin Flame. It is not in your hands to orchestrate this Union ... but it lies strictly in the hands of the Divine Mind and within your Sacred Heart and your Covenant with God.
9. Harmonic Note
Many people ask the question ... "How do I know for sure that this is my Twin Flame?"
I do not believe that this can be an externally answered question ... it is something that you will know within your Sacred Heart. The best I can hope to do is provide a Guiding Light.
We have already covered most of the points ... if you take into consideration Inner Completion ... Parallel Evolution ... Amplification ... One Identity ... Complementary Attributes and Service ... what is left?
The Harmonic Note will be the key identifying factor. Since you both originate from the same Essence ... you both carry the EXACT equal and opposite intonation. Thus, one may experience the sense of being with oneself ... alone but not al-one ... simply all ONE. The sense of Oneness is such that one does not feel as if there is another vibratory presence with them ... for the vibration is unified as ONE!
For example ... you may have, in past relationships or interaction with other people ... had to adjust your vibratory rate to accommodate others. This may have been evidenced by a need to pull back into your own space in order to attune to your own vibration and realign yourself.
In the Twin Flame relationship it is not necessary in any way to adjust your vibratory rate to accommodate the other. You are exactly the same ... vibrating to, with and within the same Essence. A unique Harmonic Note in the Ocean of Love.
Accordingly, the Twin Flame has the ability to remain in each others Presence in a Continuum of No-Time. And this, too, is part of their Service of Unification ... for rarely will they ever be apart. They function as "One Complete Unit" that was not meant to be separated in any form. As we move into our futuristic lives we will find that these "Units" will function as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS and they will not be separated by act or vocation. Thus, it will be the "Units" that are commissioned or employed in service and not the individual expressions of the unit.
The separation of the functions of the male and female which is demonstrated throughout society and also, to a large extent, in spiritual circles ... Needs To Be Transcended!
The separation of the sexes in spiritual events such as ... The Wise Women's Circle or The Goddess Circle ... sustains only the aspect of separation and duality! The energy which is now infusing and transforming this planet is a Unified or Polarized/Integrated Energy ... absent of dualistic polarity ... which demands the Unification of the Sexes ... within and without!
Thus, the Twin Flame ... rarely parts! In our union of nine years ... we could easily count the number of hours that we have not been in each other's presence! This is part of the Twin Flame's Mission ... to maintain a Unified Field of No-Time upon the planet ... which is achieved through being in each other's presence. And to demonstrate the Fusion of the One Essence ... which Unifies and Trinitizes the male and female polarities within the substrata of human consciousness.
10. Employing Wisdom
Be aware that not all Twin Flames exist in the same dimension. Those who are here on Earth have agreed to undertake this Divine Service. They have been trained and prepared to undergo this Mission.
Ultimately ... as the Earth moves into fifth dimensional alignment and the substrata of human consciousness is opened ... the Twin Flames may be reunited at other dimensional levels.
So, please, employ wisdom in assimilating this information. Do not take up a personal venture to find your Twin Flame and disrupt whatever harmonious relationships you are now in. We are here to live experiences in whatever form they may take. And if you are in a relationship and the experience is not completed ... then enjoy it!..."

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