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quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Ascensão e Mudança...

Estamos aqui, Somos Um, Somos Todos, sentimo-nos Vários ao mesmo tempo, já não sabemos qual das realidades prevalece… conforme o véu vai ficando translúcido, a claridade, a Luz, permite-te aceder ao vários seres que és e outras dimensões… é complicado…
Felizmente, e porque estamos sempre a olhar uns pelos outros e por Nós, apareceu este texto que ajuda e entender melhor este processo de ascensão e mudança. Espero que gostem e seja útil…

“….Perceptions May Alter
On some cars there are side mirrors that say, "Objects may be closer than they appear! This advice would be good to take. The reason is that some of our perceptions are altering. We are sometimes crossing many dimensions. Some fourth dimensions frequencies are bombarding with third dimensional frequencies and the same is true for fifth dimensional frequencies and higher. Some people report that they are seeing in different dimension at different times the dimensions can cross or be blotted out for a period of time. Some report that they are not really seeing in third dimension for a while. Many report that there is a superimposition of dimensional perceptions. The truth is that it is different for everyone. The truth also is that humanity is beginning to see and sense in multiple dimensions and our perceptions may alter to one degree or another. Objects in the different dimensions can pass or appear to pass right through each other! Some people are losing objects and then finding them in the same or different place. It’s like they are there and then they are missing. You may lose things and then find them or never find them. Where are they going? Sometimes it may seem like there is a Bermuda triangle in your house….
Other lightworkers are reporting that they have vivid dreams. In dreams they can be teleporting or doing something that they want to learn to do or have never even considered. Many visions and dreams contain scenarios where we are told by a master or an angel that there is something coming to us or a gift that will open up a new possibility of our being able to accomplish something we can’t do at this time. Many cues and inner guidance is being given in dreams and visions to prepare us at inner levels and in our subconscious for the changes that are going to take place. Actually these accomplishments or gifts are already in a template for humanity. We may not know how to use them but we are being given a certain behind the scenes perception that some readiness or preparation is going on so that many miracles and wonders will one day be in our grasp. It is not wishful thinking or daydreaming; a lot of it is blueprinting. It is almost like we are being prepared to become what we already have been at other times or are in the higher evolutionary dimensions.”

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